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Interested in improving the O&M programs at your facilities.  Our highly seasoned professionals have been reviewing and improving facilities for decades.  From maintenance programs, to safety to operations we have helped numerous plants identify specific concerns and implement programs to improve the effectiveness of your assets.  Our teams experience ranges from startup services to fast track new plants to profitability through reliability improvements at baseloaded plants converted to peaking/seasonal use.  Our teams have experienced the full lifecycle of power generation assets and have implemented improvement programs at each of them. 

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  • Staffing Programs

    • Defining cost effective staffing programs, creating job descriptions, organization charts and supporting program implementation in support of startup requirements.

  • Procedures Development

    • Creation and implementation of operating procedures designed to maximize the effectiveness of your assets, compliment your operator skills, promote safe operation, utilize the assets in the manner for which they were designed.

  • LTSA Solicitation & Negotiation

    • Comprehensive support to the asset owner in the solicitation, bid management, negotiation and implementation of service and parts agreements for critical assets and/or the entire facility as appropriate.

  • Startup & Commissioning Services

    • Equipment startup and commissioning in support of construction schedules and Operations & Maintenance program implementation. Support for punch lists and warranty administration.

  • PM/PDM Program Implementation

    • Establishment of a reliability basis, implementation of PM practices based on criticality and failure modes, training and implementation of effective predictive technologies.​



  • Benchmarking & Reliability Process Reviews

    • Benchmarking and GAP assessment versus industry standards for power plant reliability processes. Identifying the means to improve yourself​

  • Equipment Reliability Improvement Programs

    • Facility reliability improvement, identification and remediation of design and/or process vulnerabilities, including cycling impacts and Single Point Vulnerabilities (SPV)​

  • Staffing Effectiveness & Procedures Review

    • Staff procedure, personnel, and process review. Identifying training and procedure needs that are compromising your efforts​

  • CMMS Support Services

    • CMMS utilization reviews, structure, and data population services​

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