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Virtually no one today has the budget and resources they would like to have as they plan their generating plant outages. Typically, you’re expected to improve reliability, minimize expenditures, and shorten outage duration AND you need to do it with fewer people who also already have a day job. Even if you have a very good agreement with your service provider there will be scope that you need to perform.

Management of the outage entails responsibility and accountability for the:

  • Overall Cost

  • Quality

  • Schedule

  • Effectiveness of the Outage

Power Pole Repair


  • Our team has worked with all the major OEM’s

  • We understand the nuances of different models within each OEM product line

  • We recognize the need and value of completing balance of plant maintenance inside the outage scope without extensions/ interference

View Detailed OPM Experience

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  • Our team includes planners outage managers, contract negotiators, expediters, all with extensive experienced

  • Our team has executed outages for utilities, IPP’s, and Industrials domestic US and international

  • We have managed scope development, procurement, bid solicitation, execution management, claims and more

  • Our team has the planning skills required to address all your outage scope including contracts and internal work

Electricity Repair Work


  • Know you have the parts on-site and available (minimizing/eliminating expediting fees)

  • Avoid claims by service providers (and hold them to their schedules)

  • Have confidence you will finish the entire scope of the outage on time and on budget

  • Free up your planning and maintenance personnel to do their day jobs



  • Vendor identification and qualification

  • Scope development

  • RFP development

  • Bid review and subsequent contract negotiations

  • Specification of parts,

  • Tools,

  • Procedures and

  • Defining the manpower resources necessary to complete work. 

    • Required skills sets and capacity

    • Resource Planning (Verification of the skill sets and integrate them into the planning process. 

Booking a Meeting


  • Development of  outage work plan,

  • Sequencing the work,

  • Determination and assessment of critical path, and

  • Coordination of activities and contractors. 

  • Deliverables prior to the outage include a detailed plan using the appropriate tool.  Our planners are capable and experienced using Primavera, MS Project and/or Excel as appropriate to the circumstances.  Once the outage is initiated the plans are tracked and adjusted as work progresses and scope modifications are implemented. 

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