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Burkart Boulevard Bypass


RQAW | DCCM oversaw this Indiana Department of Transportation – Local Public Agency (INDOT-LPA) project with the City of Seymour that involved constructing a new 2.3-mile-long bypass around Seymour. Awarded in November 2019 and opened to traffic in November 2021, this $17.3 million project begins at the O’Brien Street intersection and extends to the northeast to connect at US 50/Burkart Boulevard. RQAW | DCCM designed a 1.4-mile segment of new, two-lane hot-mix asphalt pavement roadway, including a 12-foot shared-use pedestrian trail along the north side, a single-lane roundabout at the O’Brien Street intersection, and approximately 3,800 feet of MSE retaining wall. The existing railroad bridge was approximately 90 feet in length to cross over the L&I Railroad and required extensive railroad coordination.


Due to a new alignment, RQAW | DCCM also designed a new stormwater system, including storm sewers, ditches, small structures, and detention (dry) ponds for 29 acres of developed area to meet the city’s stormwater requirement for development. The detention ponds were designed to provide storage for additional discharge created by the impervious areas of the new road pavement. For this new roadway phase, RQAW | DCCM also provided construction inspection services and was pivotal in providing environmental services for the required permits and approval of environmental documents.

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